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Veterinarians meeting Developers

Naguib realised that he was out of his depth when he got his first two guinea pigs, and didn't like that he was completely unequipped to be the proverbial "good shepherd" for his new pets. 
When he released a hobby app in 2018 he's realised that he's not the only one.

Nicole joined Upilio in 2020 as Upilio's in-house vet and quickly realised the potential of automating care advice and the ability to personalise it without needing a human being. Nicole and Nick worked for months on an algorithm that would be able to personalise advice as a veterinarian would and took Upilio to the next stage that would disrupt the pet industry and help many pet owners around the world.

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Naguib Ihab (Nick)

The Techy


Nicole Su

The Vet

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