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Can my Guinea Pig eat Curly Endive?

Yes, they can eat it up to 7 days a week!

A delicious addition to a varied diet - pets should have a minimum of 5 leafy greens to make up their staple vegetable portion.

Curly endive is a super addition to your guinea pig's daily salad, being high in vitamins K, A, B9, and C!


Guinea pigs and rabbits should have a variety of at least 5 different types of leafy greens to protect against nutritional excesses and deficiencies. At least 80% of the diet should be a good quality grass or cereal hay.

✔ Validated by Dr. Nicole Su

Dr. Nicole is Upilio's in-house veterinarian and bunny parent. With her oldest rabbit Ella now 10 years of age, she developed a passion for small herbivore nutrition and credits Ella's health to a good diet, as well as plenty of love.

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