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Can my Guinea Pig eat Dried Beans?

No, they can never eat it!

Can be high in carbohydrates and protein, which can predispose to bloat, digestive upset, or enterotoxemia.

Dried beans are high in protein and carbohydrates, and should never be fed to pets. While they are not toxic, they are at a high risk for causing severe gastrointestinal upset.


Guinea pigs and rabbits should have a variety of at least 5 different types of leafy greens to protect against nutritional excesses and deficiencies. At least 80% of the diet should be a good quality grass or cereal hay.

✔ Validated by Dr. Nicole Su

Dr. Nicole is Upilio's in-house veterinarian and bunny parent. With her oldest rabbit Ella now 10 years of age, she developed a passion for small herbivore nutrition and credits Ella's health to a good diet, as well as plenty of love.

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