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Episode 15: Fish Keeping and Tank Maintenance

Fish keeping! Usually thought of as a low maintenance, easy pet. Sadly, many new fish keepers lose their new fish to poor water quality. Fish keeping requires close attention to detail, as well as patience.

Nicole and Jez discuss the work involved with setting up a new fish tank, and common reasons why new tanks can fail.


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The Tiny Vet Podcast

By Dr Nicole Su & Jez Watts

A very small podcast about big animal issues. Weekly episodes hosted by Dr Nicole Su (BSc. BVMS MANZCVS Unusual Pets).

Dr Nicole Su is a veterinarian, Jez Watts is a comedian-biotechnologist, and together they discuss commonly misunderstood topics in the pet and vet world. They live with three rabbits who are their children.

Presented by Upilio Pty Ltd.

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