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Episode 18: Pet Dentals

Why does a scale and polish for a person cost $100 when a scale and polish for a cat or dog costs $400-600? Part of the reason comes down to the language barrier between people and dogs & cats, which means that vets can't say - "Okay, Fluffy, open up and be still - this is totally completely fine, and you have nothing to worry about."

Nicole and Jez discuss the major differences between a scale and polish for a human vs a pet, why a general anaesthetic is required for pet dentals, and how to reduce the frequency of dentals for dogs.


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The Tiny Vet Podcast

By Dr Nicole Su & Jez Watts

A very small podcast about big animal issues. Weekly episodes hosted by Dr Nicole Su (BSc. BVMS MANZCVS Unusual Pets).

Dr Nicole Su is a veterinarian, Jez Watts is a comedian-biotechnologist, and together they discuss commonly misunderstood topics in the pet and vet world. They live with three rabbits who are their children.

Presented by Upilio Pty Ltd.

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