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Episode 8: Knowing When to Say Goodbye

Knowing when to make the decision to let your pet cross the rainbow bridge is one of the hardest things pet owners have to do, and the emotional toll of such a decision never gets easier. However, there are some things that can help reassure pet owners that they are making the right decision for their pet.

Nicole and Jez discuss the concept of "quality of life," and how that can help quantify the amount of joy that a pet still gets out of their life.


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The Tiny Vet Podcast

By Dr Nicole Su & Jez Watts

A very small podcast about big animal issues. Weekly episodes hosted by Dr Nicole Su (BSc. BVMS MANZCVS Unusual Pets).

Dr Nicole Su is a veterinarian, Jez Watts is a comedian-biotechnologist, and together they discuss commonly misunderstood topics in the pet and vet world. They live with three rabbits who are their children.

Presented by Upilio Pty Ltd.

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