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Is Royal Canin a good brand of dog food?


royal canin dog food

Despite misinformation that Royal Canin contains fillers, animal protein is almost always the first ingredient in their foods, and when it is not, it is usually because the diet has been formulated for dogs with a particular health requirement, and not because of cost-cutting.

Royal Canin does a good amount of research and testing behind their products, adding to the reliability, quality assurance, and efficacy of their foods.

Pawsitive Plan's ratings of Royal Canin:

Quality and testing


​Balanced nutrition


​Consistent ingredients


Natural ingredients


​Animal protein as first ingredient


Size-specific formulations


Age-appropriate formulations



Benefits of Royal Canin:

  • Meticulous quality control and in-house research on the benefits of their diets

  • Decades of data and research on animal nutrition

  • Open and honest ingredient lists

  • No fear-mongering marketing practices

  • Meets both AAFCO and WSAVA guidelines

  • Contains nutraceuticals so your pet's food works harder for you

  • Size and age appropriate formulations

Problems with Royal Canin:

  • Most foods contain chicken, a common food allergen in dogs

  • Few options for novel proteins

If you've got a pet that has allergens or not sure what to feed your pet, check out our funnel to compare the best dog food across 25 brands & personalised to your pet's situation:


All information, research, and evaluation are personally performed by our in-house vets with over 10 years of experience in animal nutrition.

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