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FAQs About Protein In Dog Foods (2023)

how much protein should i feed my dog?

There is a general misconception that feeding your dog with a lot of protein is the way to go. Similar to humans and their obsession with “high protein” snacks, this is simply a nutritional fad, as too much of anything is never good. In this article, we’ll answer all your frequently asked questions about a high protein dog food diet.

1. How much protein should I feed my dog?

An ideal amount of protein for a pet dog is about 20%, and an active dog may benefit from up to 30% due to muscle breakdown. Increased muscle usage will lead to increased protein requirements for muscle repair.

2. What happens if I feed my dog a high amount of protein?

The average dog does not require a high amount of protein, and any excess would be broken down and excreted in the urine. You want to avoid overfeeding protein as excess protein may put extra strain on kidney function.

3. Why do weight loss diets have increased protein content?

You may see some weight loss formulas have higher protein content to allow dogs to feel more full or sated with a reduced calorie content. It also allows the dog to maintain muscle mass, whilst it loses fat. If your dog is at their ideal weight, they will not benefit from extra protein.

4. Is it true that increasing protein content in diets alone will improve your dog’s fitness?

MYTH - It does not lead to improvement in fitness. Extra protein in the diet should be combined with an exercise regimen to give the protein a place to go

5. Should I only look out for protein percentages when purchasing dog food products?

No, protein percentages do not take into account the digestibility of the protein, nor how easily it can be absorbed into the system. A lower amount of high quality protein is better than a higher amount of low quality protein. Premium, science-based brands tend to contain high quality protein as their quality control for ingredients is more stringent.

If you're looking to compare the best protein options tailored specifically to your dog's situation, check out our Pawsitive Plan to ensure your dog has the most optimal diet.

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